You are looking for a Lawyer (Avocat à la Cour) and Trustee (under art. 180a PGR) based in Liechtenstein with the capacity to deal with european and international laws for corporate and/or private clients ?

We can assist you with our high quality service on any queries related to local or international issues and also provide all services related to the incorporation of companies and the establishment of other different entities in Liechtenstein. 

As a lawyer recognised by the Paris bar working in the Principality of Liechtenstein as a European lawyer, I create a bridge between these two countries and, more generally, with all French-speaking countries. 

Located right at the heart of Europe, the Principality of Liechtenstein is currently transforming its institutions to become a key player for access to a more important economic market as well. 

Without a doubt, the Principality of Liechtenstein's expertise, not only in managing assets but also in the industrial sector since the turn of the 20th century, lends it a key position within Europe. 

Moreover, Liechtenstein provides direct access to European and Swiss markets thanks to the 1995 agreement to join the European Economic Area and a number of bilateral agreements it has with Switzerland. 

Free private initiative, attractive, legal solutions and an advantageous tax system make Liechtenstein the ideal place for managing your assets or for developing commercial and industrial businesses on an international level. 

We offer our clients complete services in law, trusts, and tax: regulating your assets held in Liechtenstein, establishing and managing companies such as trusts or foundations, or setting up a family office, etc. 

Maximilien Marxer


Private and public international law : 

  • Legal assistance
  • Litigation
  • Consulting
  • Legal opinion


Trust : 

  • Establishing Foundations, companies and trusts
  • Magament and administration
  • Family office


In addition, we can also provide you with representation and intermediary services, including :

  • Representation in banks ;
  •  Representation in front of the authorities ;
  • Representation at the Annual General Meetings of companies and Management Meetings ;
  • Acting as representative and contact person in companies and branches of companies. 


The Principality of Liechtenstein

  • Liechtenstein has a unique legal and tax system within Europe.
  • Indeed the country has a safe economic and political environment, a stable currency (CHF) and abusiness-friendly tax environment with attractive taxation of natural and legal persons.
  • The Liechtenstein’s system allows free movements of capital with Switzerland and the European Union and offers a high degree of discretion combined with adherence to international law standards.
  • Liechtenstein’s Legal system has been progressively built by getting inspirations from other close countries, mixing both common law and civil law background for trusts and foundations regulations. 
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The Foundation under Liechtenstein law

The Liechtenstein foundation is suitable for the safekeeping of assets and their transfer to heirs.
 The founder has the possibility to bind his descendants to certain conditions across several generations.

Indeed it is a versatile instrument which can be used:


  •  for separation of assets (to increase anonymity);
  • for protection of the foundation’s assets in general;
  • for asset transmission and management covering of several generations;
  • for protection of separate family members;
  • for protection against the claims of creditors (segregation);
  • for tax planning.


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